While, The Garden is not affiliated with Congregational Church of Pinehurst or any other religious organization, CCP welcomes school families to join them if desired. For families who may be interested, here is a brief introduction to the Church we call home.

The Congregational Church of Pinehurst, United Church of Christ (CCP) is an open-minded spiritual community characterized by a passion for justice, delight in diversity, a love of music and the genuine care we have for each other. We receive with respect and nurture with intention, the gifts of all who come to us.

Rooted in the Christian faith, we nurture thoughtful conversation about spirituality and struggle with who Jesus challenges us to be. We believe there is a way to be Christian, while also deeply honoring the truth in other religions and embracing the insights of science and new knowledge.

We are an active congregation. The Church Council leads by example, providing a dynamic model of shared responsibility for decisions and action.

We invite members of the surrounding communities to come explore, connect, serve and grow with us. All are welcome at the Congregational Church of Pinehurst.