This special type of school was christened with the charming name of Casa dei Bambini, Children’s House. The first of these was opened on January 6, 1907, on the Via dei Marsi, 53, and I was entrusted with the responsibility of its direction. I perceived the social and educational importance of such an institution in all its immensity, and I insisted upon what at the time seemed to be an exaggerated vision of its triumphal future; but today many are beginning to understand that what I foresaw was true. 

Maria Montessori
The Discovery of the Child, p. 37

Our Children’s House Classroom serves up to 25 students ages apprx 2 1/2 through Kindergarten
and is led by a Montessori trained guide & assistant.
This program is held at our Linden Road campus in Pinehurst.
Children’s House students attend 5 days per week from 8:45-12:45 a.m.


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What is a Montessori Children’s House? from NAMTA on Vimeo.