All applicable forms are required in order to secure your child’s spot.

New Student Enrollment Packet

Medical Packet

must be signed by a physician
Immunization Record or Medical Waiver Required
(Due for all new students prior to the first day of school)

Medical File Update

for returning students whose medical history has not changed since a medical packet was last submitted

Student Accessibility Form

for students who may require addtitional resources in order to access their education

Alternate Pick Up Authorization Form

to give permission for your child to be released to someone other than a parent

Emergency Care Plan

for anaphylactic allergies; must be signed by a physician

Asthma Action Plan

required for students who use inhalers; download & print–must be signed by a physician

Barefoot Liability Waiver

to give permission for your child to attend outdoor school barefoot or remove their shoes while playing outdoors


If your child has a food (or other) allergy, asthma, developmental delay, serious behavioral concern or another specific medical condition, additional forms are required. It is the parent’s responsibility to request and submit said forms. All children who are currently receiving ongoing treatment from a medical provider, occupational, speech, physical, developmental or play therapist must complete the student accessibility form prior to enrollment. If you are unsure, please contact us directly to determine which additional forms are needed.