All applicable forms are required in order to secure your child’s spot.

 Application Form (to be submitted prior to enrollment in School Year programs)
Summer Camp Application Form (to be submitted prior to enrollment in Summer Camp for non-students only)

2020-21 Online Enrollment Packet & Handbook Acknowledgement
(required for all students; will be sent out separately to all accepted students)

Medical Packet
(required for all students; requires physician signature DUE by 8/15/20)
Emergency Care Plan FARE
(required for all campers/students with any allergy)


Alternate Pick Up Authorization
(as needed for additional authorization)


If your child has a food (or other) allergy, asthma, developmental delay, serious behavioral concern or another specific medical condition, additional forms are required. It is the parent’s responsibility to request and submit said forms. All children who are currently receiving ongoing treatment from a medical provider, occupational, speech, physical, developmental or play therapist must complete additional paperwork prior to enrollment. Please contact us directly to determine which additional forms are needed.