This Week…


So many different instruments, and they’re all mine!


Sharing and taking turns doesn’t always come so easily. One of the best ways he can learn to share is in a supportive place like our classroom. As you explore the different instruments together, your toddler sees that when he gives something up, he will get to try another.


Your Child is Learning…


  1. The Importance of Doing Nothing: Rocking time has many benefits, with vestibular stimulation, bonding, and listening to music being at the top of the list. Equally valuable is the opportunity during this time to just do nothing. Children need time to be stimulated and engaged, and they need time to be at leisure. This down time is physically necessary for the brain to process the learning that occurs during structured activities and interaction.
  2. Direction in Movement: It is essential to the learning process to allow a child to experience all aspects of direction in movement (up, down, in, out, around, etc.). Neural pathways develop through experience, stimulation, and interaction. Varied experiences increase the number of neural pathways.


At Home…


This week take every opportunity to explore up & down with your child. Use the Home CD to repeat activities we do in class. Incorporate the songs into your daily routines. For example, sing “Up in the sky….down to our toes!” as you put on her clothes, sing “Follow My Leader” when she is having trouble following directions and model what you would like her to do, lift your child up and sing “Run and Jump/Soaring,” on your way to a routine that may not be your child’s favorite – if she gets to “fly” there, she may feel differently about it this week!

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